Saturday, 31 October 2009

My Interview in NinebyZero Magazine - November Issue

The lovely Francesca of NinebyZero Magazine asked me a year ago if I would like to be a featured makeup artist for the month, but at the time I was unable to contribute because I had a lot of projects going on. In a way I'm pleased it happened a year later as I have gained a years worth of amazing collaborations and new challenges to share. I enjoyed the experience of answering the questions Francesca gave me, it really made me think back to the start of my career and how it all came about. I set about constructing my answers in a 2 hour time scale, but as the 2 hour mark approached I looked back and realised I was only a 1/4 way through the questions, I could see this was going to take quite some time. In all, after writing then re writing and adding extra parts to the original version, it took 10 hours to complete!! Since then I've realised there is so much more I could write about, not just talking about cosmetics, but life, career, experiences of the job, pro's, con's and inspirations - The drive that keeps pushing you forward to create something new! NinebyZero magazine is an online, eco friendly format, for Fashion, Beauty, Advice and Lifestyle! Pop over to view the magazine here You can also find NinebyZero on Facebook and Twitter add and say hello! Featuring collaborations by the following photographers: Andrew Farrington Shirlaine Forrest Steve Bevan For more news updates and featured artists, follow my blog: Andrea x

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